Indian Dress Tailoring

I offer a bespoke made to measure tailoring services of Indian and Punjabi dresses. I sew ladies Indian suites for all occasions and events, with over 12 years experiences.

On the initial meeting we would go over your measurements and the style of dress and suite that you would like to stitch such as:

  • Churidar: Also known as churidar pyjamas are tightly-fitting trousers typically worn by both genders in South Asia. These are variants of the common salwar pants which are cut wide at the top and narrow at the ankle. Churidars narrow immediately, so that contours of the legs are revealed. These are cut on the bias at about 45-degree angle to the grain of the fabric which makes them naturally stretchy. The stretch is an important feature when pants are close-fitting. These are also longer than the leg and sometimes finish with a tightly-fitting buttoned cuff at the ankle.

  • Patiala Salwar: Another type of female trousers that resemble the pathani suit which has similar loose lowers and knee-long top called kameez. The Patiala salwar is very loose and stitched with pleats and is very comfortable to wear. It has distinguishing characteristics are in the folds of the cloth stitched together and meet at the bottom.  Patiala salwars require double the length of material to get stitched. The fall of the pleats give it a beautiful draping effect and thus have been preferred by most of the women of Punjab and other regions of Northern India.

  • Salwar Kameez (Salwar Suits): A set of top and bottom clothing characterized by its very loose fitting from the body. The bottom salwar are loose pajama-like trousers that have a wide top and goes narrower nearing the ankle; the top suit kameez is a long shirt or tunuc that have side seams (chaak) and are open below the waist-line for better freedom of movement for the wearer.

  • Kaftans & Long Dresses:  A pair of over-all clothing with an overdress reaching towards the ankles and is usually front-buttoned. These are similar to robes but are worn on formal events and are decorated lavishly with colourful and decorative ornaments.

  • Trouser Suits: Are pant suits tailor-made especially for women; these are normally paired with some form of coat or dress to exude femininity and formalness in the occasion which they are worn.
  • Farasha / Maxi: Farasha are colourful one-piece gowns with its length until below the ankle. The material used for the farasha/maxi are usually silk or of similar light-weight material.

  • Punjabi Suites: Similar to Shalwar kameez…